Sunday, June 27, 2010

012; meeting the host families and Valentine's Day chocolates

So! On February 11th we had our welcome party for meeting the host family. My host family was a bit late so I was sitting by myself for a while and had to introduce myself all was sorta awkward. ah hah. Anyway some random pictures from that:

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011; i like tea. and yogurt.whoo~

And another REALLY RARE blog post from Rissa....I really wanna be caught up on my adventures before I leave, but seeing as I have only two weeks left of the program I don't think that's very likely to happen. Finals are coming up too, so I'll be studying .___.' But I'll try my best....

So in continuation of me trying to make random Japanese food, I made some Oyakodon. Oyako means literally Parent-and-Child, because two of the the main ingredients are chicken and egg, hence parent and child, heh. Also it's pretty simple and quick to make, and I wanted to eat some there you go

I added random chinese-y ingredients because I felt like it :P

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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

10; i like teaboxes

*peeks out from behind a tree*

Soooo....I haven't written a blog entry in nearly three months. HA. sandypears is all moldy ;___; I'm sorry guys :( I'm a terrible blogger. You can hurt me when I come back .___.'
I'm writing this while I'm in Taiwan actually on Notepad and I'll just upload the pictures later....[lol it is now nearly a month later from that trip. BUT THAT'S NOT THE POINT.] But anyway. ...this entry's mostly food. again. :D

[Yea this is backtracking to where I left off. 10.02.08 to be exact]
So first off, as it was still REALLY COLD. I tended to go and get a hot drink from the cafeteria vending machines almost every day.....and thus starts the ANIMAL TEABOX(stead of juicebox) COLLECTION! Complete with oyaji gags/wordplay jokes.

The Lmeon Teabox! It says lemonkii de ukkikki!

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Monday, February 8, 2010

009; hatsusushi

this post is rather food heavy. whoohoo 8D

then on...SOME EVENING. we decided to go to the bar reika works at :D

gibson house!

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this was the day after the nomikai; there's not much point to this post cept just 50394583058 pictures of the snow around the city/while we walked to class. i have not seen snow in 15 years so i was like a little kid taking a bajillion pictures lol. i understand completely if this entry bores you HAHA so at the end is random stuff we did after food and karaoke 8D

view from my balcony

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